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Building on our almost 40 year pedigree in the industrial filtration market, Excel Filters recently expanded to provide pool and spa cartridges and related filter products. Since introducing pool and spa replacement filtration products, we have proven an innovation leader with features that have been widely adopted in the industry.


Excel Filters does not outsource or import our Pool and Spa Filter Products.  We design, engineer and manufacture exclusively in the USA to maintain the highest quality and shortest lead times.


Excel Filters uses only premium grade proprietary media, antibacterial high grade resin and an antibacterial engineered structural core for the highest quality products.  Our use of only the optimal materials combined with efficient flow dynamics provide customers with a long useful life, high effectiveness and low energy use.


Excel Filters leads the industry in innovation and rapid response to customer feedback.  Other examples of innovation include System 3 Retrofit Kit, pleated CleanStart Filter and Oval Jacuzzi® Tri-Clops Filters.


Since Excel Filters manufactures all Pool & Spa Filter Products in USA, we can provide truckload quantities in a timely and quality manner and also have the ability to stock, customize and private label upon request.


How to Measure your Pool or Spa Cartridges

A. Measure the outside diameter (OD) of the cartridge in inches.

B. Measure the overall length of the replacement filter cartridge in inches including the end caps. Do not include any handles or threads on the bottom end cap. One of the best ways to measure a cartridge is through the center core with a tape measure when possible.

C. If the top or bottom end cap is open, measure the inner diameter (ID) of the holes in inches. In addition, make note of any markings on the end cap such as part number or manufacturer.

D. Count the pleats and note if there is a core in the cartridge.