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Large Scale FRP Filtration Vessels

Engineered to Clean® At Scale

FRP large scale vessel
integrated filtration system

Specced to support the largest and most challenging applications

Eden Equipment offers FRP filters vessels specifically designed for applications and large-scale projects that require managing flow rates between 1600-2400 GPM.

Built with the same high-quality materials and efficient design, our 30” barrel designs deliver the same promise as our smaller FRP vessel configurations but on a far grander scale, enabling a filtration solution for desalination and reclaimed water projects that process significantly larger volumes of water.

most efficient

Efficient operation / Easy to Maintain

Eden Excel filter vessels take the ultra-efficient design of our smaller vessels and scale it upwards. This allows for superior flow dynamics through the vessel’s internal cartridge configuration.

By using less cartridges to manage the same flow the Eden vessel will require 10s of thousands less cartridges throughout the course of its useful life – resulting in superior performance, optimal flow and reduced cost. The scaled-up versions of our existing designs continue to allow for easy maintenance and reduced downtime during cartridge change out.

highest USA-made quality

The Eden tradition of quality

For over 40 years Eden has provided its customers the highest quality, USA manufactured, long life filtration solutions. Eden vessels are installed in facilities and locations across the globe, trusted to handle the most critical processes and challenging applications.

Eden Excel engineered the first FRP filtration vessel years ago and today continues to lead the industry in quality, performance and long-term value offered.

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